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Titel Genre Datum Von Bis

NCIS: Bears and Cubs Jimmy is torn between family and work after his father-in-law asks him to tamper with evidence in a current murder investigation Eds poker buddy offers to help with the case.


21.09.20 Mo. 01:05 02:05

Beauty and the Beast Beauty and the Beast An enchantress casts a spell on a selfish prince, turning him into a beast. Meanwhile, Belle, the book-loving daughter of a music box maker, dreams of adventure. [2017] [S,AD] [H


19.09.20 Sa. 17:30 19:30

Papadopoulos Sons Papadopoulos and Sons Comedy drama. After a financial market collapse, self-made millionaire Harry loses everything he has apart from an abandoned fish and chip shop. Contains some strong language. [


19.09.20 Sa. 23:55 01:40

Doctor Who Planet of the Ood. The Doctor takes Donna to her first alien world but the Ood-Sphere reveals some terrible truths about the human race.

science fiction

20.09.20 So. 00:05 01:05

#Horror #Horror (2015) Satirical horror featuring Chloe Sevigny. A killer is on the loose as six social-media-obsessed, phone-addicted 12-year-old girls are busy partying. Strong language/gory violence.


20.09.20 So. 01:45 03:40

Mamma Mia Here We Go Again Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again Musical comedy with Amanda Seyfried, 2018. Sophie Sheridan learns more about her mothers past while dealing with her pregnancy and the grand re-opening of her family hotel


20.09.20 So. 18:45 21:00

The Ghan: Australias Greatest Train Journey The Ghan: Australias Greatest... ...Train Journey. The Ghan follows one of the worlds great rail journeys, taking viewers on an immersive and visually stunning ride on Australias most iconic passenge


20.09.20 So. 20:00 23:00

Blue Is the Warmest Colour Blue Is the Warmest Colour (2013) Award-winning drama charting the romantic relationship between two young women (Ad?¤le Exarchopoulos and L?‘a Seydoux). In French/subs. Adults only: explicit sex/


21.09.20 Mo. 01:05 04:10

Land Girls Land Girls 1/5. Period drama series. As Hoxley Manor is transformed into a military hospital, Ellen is confronted by a blast from the past. Connie and Henry plan an engagement party. [S,AD] [HD]


21.09.20 Mo. 13:45 14:30

Garden Rescue Garden Rescue 29/35. In Malvern, Miriam and Christopher have a concrete garden, but they want one inspired by their time in Indonesia. For ?£3,000, can the team create a tropical jungle from a concr

house garden

22.09.20 Di. 15:45 16:30

Mystery Road Mystery Road 2 2/6. Australian crime drama. Jay suspects the trucking firm is tied to the drug trade, but the intervention of an ex-military businessman also proves intriguing. Contains strong langua


23.09.20 Mi. 00:25 01:25

Garden Rescue Garden Rescue 30/35. Glamorous couple Sarah and Tristans Stevenage house has an outdated old garden that needs injecting with the luxury style they love. Arit and Charlie have a budget of ?£5,500. [

house garden

23.09.20 Mi. 15:45 16:30

Ambulance Ambulance 2/8. Joining ambulance staff caring for nine million people on a day of political protests in the capital. Contains some scenes which some viewers may find upsetting. [S] [HD]


23.09.20 Mi. 21:00 22:00

Trump: An American Dream Trump: An American Dream A major four-part series telling the story of one of modern Americas most extraordinary lives, from the beginning of the Trump phenomenon, all the way to the White House. (Ep


23.09.20 Mi. 23:00 00:05

The Secret History of Writing The Secret History of Writing:... ...From Pictures to Words. 1/3. The hunt for the origin of writing reveals the link between ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs and the letters we use every day. [S] [HD]


23.09.20 Mi. 23:30 00:30

Wild Wild (2014) Fact-based drama with Reese Witherspoon. A woman tries to turn her life around by walking a 1100-mile trail, from California to Washington. Violence/strong language/sex/hard drugs. [AD,S]


24.09.20 Do. 01:05 03:20

Garden Rescue Garden Rescue 31/35. Sharina and Abu want their concrete yard turned into a garden with veg, birds and fish. [S] [HD]

house garden

24.09.20 Do. 15:45 16:30

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Buffy the Vampire Slayer Conversations with Dead People: Buffy chats with a vampire who was once an acquaintance in school. When Joyce materialises in the living room, Dawn defends her from a creatur


25.09.20 Fr. 00:05 01:00

Der Dicke Der Dicke (4) Letzter Versuch. Ehrenbergs Ex-Frau Christina wird beschuldigt, einem Mandanten bei der Geldwäsche geholfen zu haben, und bittet Ehrenberg um Hilfe. Aber bevor Ehrenberg eine Chance daz


25.09.20 Fr. 06:35 07:25

Medical Detectives Geheimnisse der Gerichtsmedizin Medical Detectives - Geheimnisse der Gerichtsmedizin Rekonstruktion des Todes. Beim Ausmessen eines Geländes in Missouri findet der Kartograf Raimo Pitkanen einen menschlichen Schädel. Bei der ansch

doku reihe

25.09.20 Fr. 21:05 22:05
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