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Titel Genre Datum Von Bis

NCIS: New Orleans: The Last Stand Prides longtime friend state and military attorney Rita Devereaux asks NCIS to investigate the disappearance of a JAG lawyer who specializes in classified cases and volunteers at a private military


20.04.19 Sa. 23:35 00:35

Shark Tank A treat that combines two desserts a modern alternative to ATM machines a clothing design that combines two trends into one a hypoallergenic sleeping product.


21.04.19 So. 22:01 23:00

The Running Man A police-state scapegoat Arnold Schwarzenegger must play a TV hosts Richard Dawson deadly game show for the 21st-century masses.

science fiction action movie

22.04.19 Mo. 22:00 00:30

The Ellen DeGeneres Show

aktuelles thema

23.04.19 Di. 15:00 16:00

MasterChef: Junior Edition: Kidz Bop Kitchen The Kidz Bop Kids arrive and put their twist on a mystery box challenge a blast-from-the-past elimination test.


23.04.19 Di. 20:00 21:00

Bone Tomahawk Bone Tomahawk (2016) Wild West horror starring Kurt Russell, Lili Simmons, Patrick Wilson, Richard Jenkins and Matthew Fox. A posse tries to rescue townsfolk abducted by cannibals. Graphic gory viole


20.04.19 Sa. 23:35 02:10

EastEnders EastEnders Louise finds herself in a worrying situation, Tiffany is at the receiving end of SharonÐs wrath, and Shirley worries about Jean. [S,AD] [HD]

familien-serie telenovela

22.04.19 Mo. 20:00 20:30

Back to Life Back to Life 2/6. Miri is excited about her first day working at NathanÐs fish and chip shop, but the community arenÐt taking kindly to her return. Contains strong language and adult humour. [S] [H


22.04.19 Mo. 22:30 22:55

EastEnders EastEnders Sharon is rocked by KathyÐs revelation, Billy puts Ruby in an awkward situation, and Jean asks Stacey to help her find Sean. [S,AD] [HD]

familien-serie telenovela

23.04.19 Di. 19:30 20:00

Technikgeschichten Technikgeschichten Die Heizung. Am Anfang war das Feuer, von da bis zum wandhängenden Warmwasserofen ist es ein langer Weg. Der führt über Sigmaringen, denn im dortigen Schloss wurde die allererste

dokumentation & report

23.04.19 Di. 15:15 16:00

Ein Fall Fuer Annika Bengtzon Ein Fall für Annika Bengtzon - Lebenslänglich Spielfilm Schweden Deutschland 2011 (Annika Bengtzon - Livstid). Der angesehene Elitepolizist David Lindholm wurde aus nächster Nähe erschossen. Als M


25.04.19 Do. 01:35 03:00

Barabbas The biblical thief Anthony Quinn toils turns gladiator and seeks salvation after being pardoned in place of Christ.


19.04.19 Fr. 20:00 23:00

Walks of Life Walks of Life 2/8. JB Gill explores the beautiful county of Cornwall to find out how the dramatic landscape shapes the lives and beliefs of the people who live there. [S,AD,SL] [HD]


19.04.19 Fr. 08:00 09:00

BBC Young Dancer BBC Young Dancer 2019 Five contestants compete in the South Asian Dance Final of BBC Young Dancer 2019. [S]


19.04.19 Fr. 20:00 21:00

QI QI 4/18. Quiz show. Sandi Toksvig looks at various parts with Sara Pascoe, Ed Balls, Johnny Vegas and regular panellist Alan Davies. [S] [HD]


19.04.19 Fr. 22:00 22:30

Crank 2: High Voltage Crank 2: High Voltage (2009) Violent thriller sequel starring Jason Statham as a hitman whose heart has been swapped for an artificial one that requires regular electrical kick-starts. Strong languag


19.04.19 Fr. 23:10 01:05

Death in Paradise Amongst Us. Dwayne ends up embroiled in a murder investigation when a piece of incriminating evidence is found at the scene of the crime. Can Richard solve the case and meet a deadline that means he w


19.04.19 Fr. 23:20 00:40

Death in Paradise From England to Saint Marie. A quintessential English cop posted to the Caribbean island of Sainte Marie. To anyone else it would be paradise but for Detective Inspector Richard Poole its hell. When a


19.04.19 Fr. 13:00 14:20

Death in Paradise Music of Murder. Richard sees the dark side of show business when a comeback concert ends in the most public of murders. If sun sea and sand were not bad enough he now has to conquer his fear of snake


19.04.19 Fr. 22:00 23:20

100 Hotter Weniger ist mehr 100 % Hotter - Weniger ist mehr Weniger gestern mehr heute, Dokutainment, GB 2016. Lollys Look ist inspiriert von dem Style der 90er Jahre, insbesondere von der Kultserie Baywatch. Die Profis verpasse

news info

19.04.19 Fr. 00:45 01:45
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