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Title Genre Date From To

Scooby-Doo Mystery Incorporated Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated Art of Darkness: Animated adventures with Scooby and the gang. Crystal Cove welcomes artist Randy Warsaw, whose latest work comes to life and attacks patrons of the m


23.09.21 Th. 08:25 08:55

Coronation Street Coronation Street Freda worries that Aleds family aims to eradicate his deafness. Yasmeen lays down the law to Zeedan. David accuses Daniel of favouritism. [AD,SL,S]

familien-serie telenovela

23.09.21 Th. 08:30 09:00

The Sweeney The Sweeney The Bigger They Are: Classic 70s police drama series. Regan discovers that successful people will stop at nothing to keep their skeletons in the cupboard. S4 Ep8


23.09.21 Th. 08:50 09:55

Coronation Street Coronation Street Gemma launches a search for Aled. Freda shuts herself inside the community centre. Audrey welcomes Gail home from Thailand. [AD,SL,S]

familien-serie telenovela

23.09.21 Th. 09:00 09:30

Star Trek: Voyager Retrospect. Janeway orders Seven of Nine to assist an alien arms dealer while hes on board Voyager but the two can t seem to get along.

science fiction

23.09.21 Th. 09:00 10:00

The 4400 The Home Front. Tom and Diana continue their pursuit of Nova group member Garry Navarro but when he continues to evade them it becomes apparent that Alana is helping him to escape.


23.09.21 Th. 10:00 11:00

The Goldbergs The Goldbergs Animal House: While Barrys love of Animal House fails to impress an elite fraternity, Beverly tries to convince Murray to take up new hobbies. (S7 Ep4/22)


23.09.21 Th. 12:00 12:30

The Goldbergs The Goldbergs Parents Thursday: At school, Erica tries to fool Beverly into thinking that parents weekend has been rescheduled. Adam joins the school production of Romeo & Juliet. (S7 Ep5/22)


23.09.21 Th. 12:30 13:00

Hart to Hart Murder Murder on the Wall. A bridegrooms sudden departure leads to a case of missing money and murder. The suspects begin following Jennifer who they think is his wife.


23.09.21 Th. 13:00 14:00

Four in a Bed Four in a Bed Five-star-trained perfectionist Victoria hosts at The Old Ram Coaching Inn in Norfolk. But her guests find a dusty towel rail, hairs in the bed and a suspicious-looking smudge in the lo


23.09.21 Th. 13:10 13:40

Four in a Bed Four in a Bed Chef Aaron Webster aims to deliver three-star service for a two-star price at Ye Old Crown in Edenbridge, Kent. But Victoria is out for revenge and finds burn marks on her net curtains.


23.09.21 Th. 13:40 14:10

Doctors Doctors 77/196. Sid becomes caught between warring neighbours and a treacherous girlfriend. Valerie makes a statement to the police about Harriet. [S,AD] [HD]

familien-serie telenovela

23.09.21 Th. 13:45 14:15

The Ellen DeGeneres Show New: The Ellen DeGeneres Show Ellen chats to Kim Kardashian West about the clothing and underwear company Skims. [S] S19 Ep4

aktuelles thema

23.09.21 Th. 14:00 15:00

Four in a Bed Four in a Bed Michele and Cheryl welcome their rivals to Beach Lodge Hotel in Mablethorpe, Lincolnshire. How will their guests feel about having to get their own tea and coffee at breakfast?


23.09.21 Th. 14:10 14:45

Four in a Bed Four in a Bed The last visit is to The Farmers Arms in Taunton, where Alan and Alison hope that their palatial rooms will wow their guests. But Michele and Cheryl are unimpressed by a dusty radiator.


23.09.21 Th. 14:45 15:15

Perry Mason The Case of the Crippled Cougar. An oilman who wishes to sell oil leases at an unusually low price asks Perry to handle the transaction guest Bill Williams.


23.09.21 Th. 15:00 16:00

Extant Wish You Were Here. Mollys artificially intelligent son has his first day at school while she wonders how much longer she can hide her new pregnancy from John.


23.09.21 Th. 15:00 16:00

Handmade In Bolton Handmade in Bolton 3/4. Ex-forger Shaun Greenhalgh is set the task of making a Renaissance animal plate of the type invented by the great French potter Bernard Palissy. [S] [HD]

arts crafts

23.09.21 Th. 15:15 15:45

Four in a Bed Four in a Bed Its the final day of the competition and the B&Bers meet for the last time. Theres tension, tears and tantrums as the payments are revealed and the winner is announced.


23.09.21 Th. 15:15 15:50

The Sweeney The Sweeney One of Your Own: Tough 1970s police drama series. George Carter winds up behind bars as he attempts to find the proceeds of a jewellery robbery. S4 Ep10


23.09.21 Th. 15:50 16:55
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