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Title Genre Date From To

Magic Hands Magic Hands Waltzing Matilda. Childrens sign language poetry series. Ashley and Donna discover Waltzing Matilda and Old Man Platypus, both by Andrew Barton Banjo Paterson. [S] [HD]


14.05.21 Fri 11:20 11:30

The Champions The Champions The Iron Man: The team face a deadly challenge from trained assassins when they are assigned to protect a deposed Latin American dictator currently in exile in the south of France. S1 E


14.05.21 Fri 11:20 12:25

Channel 4 News Includes sport and weather.

news info

14.05.21 Fri 11:25 11:30

Wycliffe Wycliffe Time Out: Detective drama series. Wycliffe and the team are called in to investigate when a prostitutes client confesses to killing another working girl. S5 Ep2


14.05.21 Fri 11:25 12:40

Patchwork Pals Patchwork Pals Elephant. Patchwork Elephant has a problem - he has the hiccups! Will the Patchwork Pals find a way to help him? [S] [HD]


14.05.21 Fri 11:30 11:35

The Big Bang Theory The Big Bang Theory The Vacation Solution: Sheldon helps Amy in her biology lab after he is forced to use up two weeks of holiday, but he is bored by the tasks that she gives him. (S5 Ep16/24)


14.05.21 Fri 11:30 12:00

Judge Judy Widower Waiters Bailout Colliding Bike Boy. Former friends fight over bail money a 12-year-old boy is accused of crashing his bike into a moving car.


14.05.21 Fri 11:30 12:00

Couples Come Dine with Me Couples Come Dine with Me In East Anglia, Chris and Debbie host a night of showbiz glitz and glamour. Jake and Desiree serve up Caribbean cuisine. And can Daisy and Will get through their evening wit


14.05.21 Fri 11:30 12:30

Dress to Impress Dress To Impress Rinat, George and Ernest battle to win the affections of Annabelle from Leeds. Will any of the lad wow her with their fashion choices? [S] S2 Ep20


14.05.21 Fri 11:30 12:30

Tik Tak Tik Tak Episode 28. Explore a food mosaic of a cat and mouse and watch as a cheeky chameleon plays with a pineapple. Also, Book Girl makes a sandbox. [S] [HD]


14.05.21 Fri 11:35 11:40

Top Class Top Class Round 5: Nelson v Queens. Susan Calman presents the search to find the UKs smartest school. Nelson Primary from London take on The Queens School from Cheshire. [S] [HD]


14.05.21 Fri 11:35 12:05

My Very First My Very First Month 9 - Expression. Join nine-month-old Bonnie and Harry as they discover the world around them and become more expressive. Remember, every child develops differently. [S] [HD]


14.05.21 Fri 11:40 11:50

Spy School Spy School Operation Do Little: When villain Goldfist is caught sending a mysterious shipping container to London ZSL Zoo, the Spy School Cadets must unravel their nemesiss plan. S1 Ep2


14.05.21 Fri 11:45 12:10

Close Calls: On Camera Close Calls: On Camera 10/20. A Mountain Rescue team fight their way through appalling conditions to rescue a walker on Snowdon, and a mountain biker crash-lands after a jump. [S,AD] [HD]


14.05.21 Fri 11:45 12:15

Woolly Tig Woolly and Tig The Bus Ride. Live-action childrens show. Woolly helps Tig to be more considerate when they go home on the bus. [S] [HD]


14.05.21 Fri 11:50 11:55

Olobob Top Olobob Top Whooshy Wotsit. Preschool animated series. Groan Up is whooshing about on skates, out of control. The Olobobs create King Jelly to give Groan Up a soft landing. [S,AD] [HD]


14.05.21 Fri 11:55 12:00

My World Kitchen My World Kitchen Sonny-Macs Sussex Banoffi Pie. Sonny-Mac is making banoffi pie using banana, biscuits, cream and dates. Yummy! [S] [HD]


14.05.21 Fri 12:00 12:15

Judge Judy Dog Blamed for Violent Crash Roommate Disaster. A motorcyclist says an unleashed dog ran into traffic and caused a collision in which his wife was injured former roommates feud over unpaid rent person


14.05.21 Fri 12:00 12:30

Medium Raising Cain. Allison helps with the location of a missing child. Afterwards she has a vision about the childs future and is no longer sure what she should do to help.


14.05.21 Fri 12:00 13:00

Hart to Hart Harts on the Run. Jonathan and Jennifer hide in a convent after she witnesses a gangland murder but the killer finds them.


14.05.21 Fri 12:00 13:00
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