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Title Genre Date From To

Judge Judy A man sues his daughter for the cost of her wedding a woman sues her sister-in-law for an insurance deductible.


20.06.24 Th. 00:05 00:30

American Dad American Dad! Fartbreak Hotel: Roger releases lethal gas into the Smiths home, meaning the family are relocated, and Francine becomes a career woman. [AD,S,HD] S7 Ep9


20.06.24 Th. 00:05 00:35

Emergency Helicopter Medics Emergency Helicopter Medics Air ambulance medics race to help a teen with major brain injury after a car collision. And 10-year-old Jack is confused and nauseous from a bang on the head. (S5 Ep5)


20.06.24 Th. 00:10 01:15

Confessions of a Teenage Fraudster Confessions of a Teenage Fraudster 2/3. On the run: Elliot is stealing and spending across the globe, despite a growing squad of investigators hot on his heels. Contains some strong language. [S,AD]


20.06.24 Th. 00:15 01:00

M A S H As Time Goes By. Everyone steps forth with memorable contributions when Hot Lips insists that a time capsule be left by the 4077th crew.


20.06.24 Th. 00:30 01:00

Judge Judy Ex-lovers argue over 1 500 in stolen cash and a dispute over moving violations and parking tickets.


20.06.24 Th. 00:30 01:00

Extraordinary Extraordinary Dead End Job: Vibrant comedy series following a young woman without superpowers. Jen helps Carrie when she channels an unsavoury dead musician, and Kash sets up a vigilante group. [S,HD


20.06.24 Th. 00:35 01:10

Teleshopping Presenting the latest products live on television so viewers can order the items they want directly featuring products ranging from vacuum cleaners and bath towels to sports equipment.


20.06.24 Th. 00:45 03:00

This is LegendXtra Home to movies and series full of horror sci-fi fantasy thriller and much more.


20.06.24 Th. 00:50 01:00

Bite A seemingly harmless bite transforms a young woman into an insect-like creature that needs human flesh for her eggs.


20.06.24 Th. 00:50 02:35

This Week Back Then This Week Back Then How news bulletins used to look. The GREAT! network takes you back in time, remembering stories from this week back then.


20.06.24 Th. 00:55 01:01

Great Movie News Extra From red carpet glamour to Hollywood gossip interviews with actors and other industry professionals and new movies highlights providing a round-up of weekly showbiz news from all around the world.


20.06.24 Th. 01:00 01:10

Judge Judy A woman says relatives gave her money as a gift not a loan. Plus a dispute between ex-lovers.


20.06.24 Th. 01:00 01:25

M A S H Pilot. To raise money to send his Korean houseboy to medical school Hawkeye raffles off a weekend in Tokyo with a nurse.


20.06.24 Th. 01:00 01:30

Catch Her If You Can Catch Her if You Can Mariam Mola is a businesswoman - and a career con artist. We expose her wild double life. Contains some strong language. [S,AD] [HD]


20.06.24 Th. 01:00 01:30

Mojave A down-and-out artist has a dangerous and shocking encounter with an evil drifter in the desert leading to terrifying consequences when the deadly stranger follows his unsuspecting victim home.


20.06.24 Th. 01:00 02:50

Race Across the World Race Across the World 3/9. The teams enter south east Asia, starting the third leg from the Vietnamese capital Hanoi. Contains some strong language. [S,AD,SL] [HD]


20.06.24 Th. 01:05 02:05

The Big Bang Theory The Big Bang Theory The Euclid Alternative: When Leonard cant drive Sheldon to and from work, the friends stage an intervention to overcome Sheldons fear of getting behind the wheel. (S2 Ep5/23)


20.06.24 Th. 01:10 01:40

Celebrity Karaoke Club Celebrity Karaoke Club The famous faces keep battling to become the ultimate karaoke star as the arrival of new guest and former X Factor star Diana Vickers sees the competition and rivalries heat up


20.06.24 Th. 01:10 02:10

999: On the Front Line 999: On the Front Line Brand new series: Paramedics treat a gardener whos slipped off a wall, an intoxicated man whos collapsed in a car park and a woman with advanced cancer whos losing blood. (S11


20.06.24 Th. 01:15 02:15
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