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Title Genre Date From To

Mighty Mike Mighty Mike The Show Must Go On!: Animated comedy series. The turtles turn to Mike for help when Aramis gets fed up and runs away - can they convince her to come back? S1 Ep41


23.09.21 Th. 15:20 15:30

The Tom and Jerry Show The Tom and Jerry Show Mice Fair Ladies: Animated series following the antics of a cat and mouse. Jerrys British cousins Oliver and Alistair come for a visit after forgetting their wives birthdays. S


23.09.21 Th. 15:30 15:40

The Big Bang Theory The Big Bang Theory The Emotion Detection Automation: Sheldon tests a new invention after hearing that it could help him to read peoples emotions. Raj seeks dating advice. (S10 Ep14/24)


23.09.21 Th. 15:30 16:00

Hey Duggee Hey Duggee The Walking Badge. The Squirrels learn the many ways you can walk with the help of friends and a catchy song. [S] [HD]


23.09.21 Th. 15:35 15:45

The Tom and Jerry Show The Tom and Jerry Show Hot Wings: Animated series following the antics of a cat and mouse, A lemur belonging to the Duchess adventurous cousin puts Toms job as an under-butler in jeopardy. S4 Ep41


23.09.21 Th. 15:40 15:50

Judge Judy A man and his son fight over the cashing of a fraudulent check a teen couples parents fight over a wreck and unpaid rent.


23.09.21 Th. 15:40 16:05

The Luftwaffe The Luftwaffe The history and background of the elite German air force, The Luftwaffe.


23.09.21 Th. 15:40 16:55

Peter Rabbit Peter Rabbit The Tale of the Hero Rabbit. Animated series. Benjamin gets more than he bargained for when a band of desperate mice mistake him for a hero. [S,AD] [HD]


23.09.21 Th. 15:45 15:55

The Tom and Jerry Show The Tom and Jerry Show Wild Goose Chase: Animated series. Detectives try to escort a goofy Canadian goose back across the border between the USA and Canada before duck season begins. S4 Ep42


23.09.21 Th. 15:50 16:00

Find It Fix It Flog It Find It, Fix It, Flog It In Nantwich and Stoke-on-Trent, Henry Cole tarts up a 1960s moped once favoured by model Twiggy, and Simon OBrien restores an early Mirror dinghy. (S3 Ep8)


23.09.21 Th. 15:50 16:50

Andys Prehistoric Adventures Andys Prehistoric Adventures Leptictidium and Fig. Adventure series. Andy searches for the tiny leptictidium, a furry mammal that used to bounce around the forests of Europe fifty million years ago.


23.09.21 Th. 15:55 16:10

The Great House Giveaway The Great House Giveaway Adam and Dave buy a bungalow to renovate in Glossop. Between them, they have building experience and bags of enthusiasm. Can they give this tired house a new lease of life? (

house garden

23.09.21 Th. 16:00 17:00

Love Bites Love Bites Scarlett Moffatt is joined by Jasmine, Lauren and Charlotte. Using their culinary skills, the three girls battle it out to win a date with 26-year-old Marcus from Birmingham. [AD,S] S1 Ep2


23.09.21 Th. 16:00 17:00

Murder She Wrote The Dead File. Jessica is appalled to discover a satirical New York comic strip has caricatured her as a blackmailing fox who extorts money from policemen and stockbrokers.


23.09.21 Th. 16:00 17:00

Island of Terror Grisly deaths bring a scientist to a remote island where researchers have accidentally created a deadly life form.


23.09.21 Th. 16:00 17:50

Ninja Express Ninja Express Ultimate Sword Remover. Merlin summons the Ninjas to pull the legendary sword from the stone. [S] [HD]


23.09.21 Th. 16:05 16:20

Judge Judy A woman sues a friend with benefits for repayment of a loan a woman wants her former boyfriend to pay for home-renovation expenses and furniture.


23.09.21 Th. 16:05 16:30

Maddie the Zoo and You Maddie, the Zoo and You How Do We Communicate? Maddie learns about communication and finds out how we use our senses. [S] [HD]


23.09.21 Th. 16:10 16:30

We Bare Bears We Bare Bears Our Stuff. The Bears race across town to track down their stolen stuff. [S] [HD]


23.09.21 Th. 16:20 16:35

Bluey Bluey Keepy-uppy. Bluey, Bingo and Mum are enjoying playing keepy-uppy around the house with their last balloon, when Dad joins in and the game becomes the ultimate test of skill. [S] [HD]


23.09.21 Th. 16:30 16:40
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