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Title Genre Date From To

American Dad American Dad! The People vs Martin Sugar: Animated series about a hapless CIA agent. When Stan leads the jury on Rogers trial, he hopes that he can make Roger accountable for past misdeeds. [AD,S] S7


11.04.21 Sun 01:10 01:35

First Dates First Dates Will hairdresser Lauren fall for party boy Dannys perma-tan chutzpah, or will his Dutch courage put her off? And Paolo returns; can Mario handle his high-heeled alter-ego? (S5 Ep3)


11.04.21 Sun 01:10 02:15

Weather for the Week Ahead Z For Zachariah After a nuclear war, a young woman believes shes the only survivor on Earth, but then gets a surprise visitor stumbling into her secluded valley. Contains some strong language. [2015]


11.04.21 Sun 01:20 01:25

24 Hours in A E 24 Hours in A&E Martin, whos 77, is rushed to St Georges after he blacked out and collapsed at home. He has two more seizures in A&E. Lilly has cut her head after falling off her scooter. (S10 Ep18/2


11.04.21 Sun 01:20 02:20

BBC News Twenty-four hours a day the latest national and international stories as they break.

news info

11.04.21 Sun 01:25 01:30

The Travel Show Ade Adepitan looks at ways to make holidays more sustainable once the world opens up again. Plus great online ideas for things to see and do in the meantime. And the show meets vets saving some of the


11.04.21 Sun 01:30 02:00

Ideal World Shop: Ideal World Dormeo Mattress Join Ideal World on ITV for some of the best offers and products on TV. To see more go to www.idealworld.tv. [HD]


11.04.21 Sun 01:30 03:00

Couples Come Dine with Me Couples Come Dine with Me In Glasgow, theres an impromptu sing-song, a kitchen disaster and an MC battle, as Gill and Mark, Matt and Derek, and Cat and Martin compete to host the best dinner party. [


11.04.21 Sun 01:55 02:50

Minder Minder The Dessert Song: Terry and Arthur find themselves involved in a restaurant rivalry after rescuing a young man being beaten by thugs. [SL] S1 Ep10


11.04.21 Sun 01:55 02:50

BBC News BBC News BBC One joins the BBCs rolling news channel for a night of news. [S] [HD]

news info

11.04.21 Sun 02:00 02:30

Scorpion The Hole Truth. Team Scorpion attempts to save a man stuck on the edge of a massive sink hole that could permanently destroy the Los Angeles water supply.


11.04.21 Sun 02:00 02:55

Medium Night of the Wolf. Allison tries convincing Devalos that she heard a witness giving misinformation to a police sketch artist making them look for the wrong man.


11.04.21 Sun 02:00 03:00

Evil Twins Honor Roll Killers. When Nikki Whitehead attempts to discipline her teenage twin daughters Jas and Tas they push back with deadly consequences.


11.04.21 Sun 02:00 03:00

The Persuaders A Home of Ones Own. After Danny Wilde buys a cottage in the country the danger for him and Brett comes at no extra charge.


11.04.21 Sun 02:00 03:00

ITV3 Nightscreen Text-based information service.


11.04.21 Sun 02:10 02:30

Conquest of Cochise After the United States purchase land from Mexico a Cavalry Major is sent to the Arizona frontier to encourage peace between the settlers and the native tribes.


11.04.21 Sun 02:10 03:30

First Dates First Dates A Brummie hunk meets a lady who likes tattooed giants, anaesthetist David is looking for a husband but cant remember his dates name, and a couple have four divorces between them. (S6 Ep6)


11.04.21 Sun 02:15 03:20

24 Hours in A E 24 Hours in A&E Robert, whos 37, is taken to St Georges after a motorbike collision, and 54-year-old Mary collapses in the street on her way to work. (S10 Ep20/24)


11.04.21 Sun 02:20 03:25

Dateline London BBC News BBC One joins the BBCs rolling news channel for a night of news. [S] [HD]

news info

11.04.21 Sun 02:30 03:00

Teleshopping Presenting the latest products live on television so that viewers can order the items they want directly. The product range extends from vacuum cleaners and bath towels to sports equipment.


11.04.21 Sun 02:30 06:00
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