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Title Genre Date From To

Teletubbies Teletubbies Messy Fun. Preschool series. The Teletubbies get very messy when the Tubby Custard Machine takes them on a tubby custard ride which splats tubby custard everywhere. [S] [HD]


15.09.21 Wed 10:05 10:20

On the Buses On the Buses Hot Water: Enduring British sitcom about a bus driver and his conductor pal. Jack and the inspector attempt to fix a water heater. S7 Ep8


15.09.21 Wed 10:05 10:40

Mr.Bean Mr. Bean: The Animated... ...Series. Cat Chaos: The animated antics of the hapless bumbler Mr. Bean. Mrs. Wicket becomes inconsolable when Scrapper goes missing, so Mr. Bean investigates. S3 Ep22


15.09.21 Wed 10:10 10:20

Our School New: Our School Takeover Day. What does it take to run a school? The year 8 students take on the challenge to find out. [S,AD] [HD]

kinder j. sonstiges

15.09.21 Wed 10:15 10:35

The Baby Club The Baby Club Bowls. Giovanna and Baby Bear invite babies and their grown-ups to explore bowls through discovery, play, song and story. [S] [HD]


15.09.21 Wed 10:20 10:35

Kung Fu Panda: The Paws of Destiny Kung Fu Panda:... ... The Paws of Destiny. Secrets Lost to Shadow: The students set off to find Po, and wind up meeting an unlikely ally in the process. S1 Ep8


15.09.21 Wed 10:20 10:45

Minder Minder Dont Tell Them Willie Boy Was Here: Terry has to mind a champion boxer who is making a comeback after two years away from the ring. But the crooked promoter plans to fix the fight. S2 Ep5


15.09.21 Wed 10:25 11:30

How I Met Your Mother How I Met Your Mother Robots Versus Wrestlers: Lily and Marshall discuss having children, Ted mixes with a new social crowd and Barney worries that the gang is drifting apart. (S5 Ep22/24)


15.09.21 Wed 10:30 11:00

Judge Judy A married couple blame a poker buddy for deep scratches on their hardwood floor. Then a man says his ex-girlfriend lied about the paternity of her baby and he wants the return of money he gave her for


15.09.21 Wed 10:30 11:00

Ramsays Kitchen Nightmares USA Ramsays Kitchen Nightmares USA Gordon Ramsay visits the Olde Hitching Post restaurant in Hanson, Massachusetts. Tom bought the business for his daughter six years ago but refuses to let her run it. [


15.09.21 Wed 10:30 11:25

Dress to Impress Dress To Impress Cece: Dating series with a sartorial slant. In Cardiff, three singletons battle it out in a series of shopping challenges to win the affections of dental nurse Cece. [S] S1 Ep11


15.09.21 Wed 10:30 11:30

Hey Duggee Hey Duggee The Circus Badge. Animated preschool series. The circus has come to town and the Squirrels are very excited until they see that it is a flea circus. It is so tiny! [S] [HD]


15.09.21 Wed 10:35 10:40

Horrible Histories Horrible Histories Putrid Politics. Dani Dyer becomes Rattus political advisor for tales of parliamentary people and plots. [S,AD] [HD]


15.09.21 Wed 10:35 11:05

School of Roars School of Roars Smelling Bee. When the class enter a smelling bee, Wufflebump becomes a silly show-off until his super sniffy snout turns into a sneezy one. [S] [HD]


15.09.21 Wed 10:40 10:50

Mission Employable Mission Employable Gardener: Agent Kyms next mission is to be a gardener, and there is lots for her to do. Her first job is to cut the grass - she then finds out how bees make honey. [SL] S1 Ep8


15.09.21 Wed 10:45 10:50

B.O.T. and The Beasties B.O.T. and the Beasties Crashy Basher. B.O.T. balances on the top of the tall pointed crags but the Crashy Basher keeps smashing the crags to pieces! Will B.O.T. be able to complete the mission? [S]


15.09.21 Wed 10:50 10:55

Spy School Mission Employable Gardener: Agent Kyms next mission is to be a gardener, and there is lots for her to do. Her first job is to cut the grass - she then finds out how bees make honey. [SL] S1 Ep8


15.09.21 Wed 10:50 11:15

Love Monster Love Monster Accidental Elder Day. Mistakenly believing that he has become an elder, Love Monster gets a job. [S] [HD]


15.09.21 Wed 10:55 11:00

Love Monster Love Monster Paint a Picture Day. When Monster Teddy is chosen to pose for everyones paintings, Love Monster misses him. So Love Monster poses with Monster Teddy in order that they can be together. [


15.09.21 Wed 11:00 11:10

The Big Bang Theory The Big Bang Theory The Conjugal Conjecture: The gang face an awkward morning after Sheldons mother and Leonards father share an evening together. Pennys family arrive in town. (S10 Ep1/24)


15.09.21 Wed 11:00 11:30
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