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Titel Genre Datum Von Bis

Fishing Allstars Fishing Allstars Dean Macey and Adam Rooney are joined by England international angler Matt Godfrey as they head to the Cotswolds for fishing challenges. S2 Ep3


25.01.20 Sa. 08:20 09:30

Bitz Bob Bitz & Bob Periscope Peril. Animated preschool series. Bitz has to unfreeze Bob, Bevel and Purl and get a tiara back from two castle trolls who have stolen it. [S,AD] [HD]


25.01.20 Sa. 08:25 08:35

Newsround Newsround 25/01/2020. Topical news magazine for children. [S] [HD]

news info

25.01.20 Sa. 08:30 08:35

The Big Bang Theory The Big Bang Theory The Infestation Hypothesis: Amy is stuck in the middle of a battle of wills between Penny and Sheldon. Leonard and Priya try to spice up their long-distance relationship. (S5 Ep2/


25.01.20 Sa. 08:30 08:55

Teleshopping Bringing you all the best in both entertainment and teleshopping.


25.01.20 Sa. 08:30 09:00

Thunderbirds Are Go Scrambled! Thunderbirds Are Go Buried Treasure: An urban explorer named Scraps gets trapped inside an underground trash mine. Scott, Gordon and Virgil head in to rescue him. [AD,S,HD] S3 Ep22


25.01.20 Sa. 08:30 09:05

The Furchester Hotel The Furchester Hotel Mr Dulls Chair Repair. Preschool puppet show. When Harvey P Dulls chair breaks, the Furchesters have to keep him entertained while it is being repaired. [S,AD] [HD]


25.01.20 Sa. 08:35 08:45

The Dengineers New: The Dengineers Funfair Den. Ten-year-old Evie wants a den where she can spend quality time with her aunt, whose chronic rheumatoid arthritis means she is unable to get up the stairs to Evies roo

home improvement

25.01.20 Sa. 08:35 09:05

Wife Swap USA Wife Swap USA Brand new series: A vegan mother with sugar-obsessed children swaps homes and lives with a meat-loving rancher wife with a bow-hunting husband in the US spouse-switch series. (S1 Ep8)


25.01.20 Sa. 08:40 09:40

Biggleton Biggleton Custard Pie Day. Its Custard Pie Day in Biggleton but Rowan the Chefs custard delivery is stuck in traffic! Will it arrive in time to feed his hungry customers? [S] [HD]


25.01.20 Sa. 08:45 09:00

The Ellen DeGeneres Show The Ellen DeGeneres Show Ellen chats to rock star Chris Martin, who then joins his Coldplay colleagues to perform Cry, Cry, Cry from their latest album Everyday Life. Plus, Zach Woods discusses Avenu

aktuelles thema

25.01.20 Sa. 08:45 09:30

Celebrity Antiques Road Trip Celebrity Antiques Road Trip 13/20. Holby Citys Rosie Marcel and Bob Barrett swap scalpels and scrubs for curios and collectibles in a competitive Road Trip around the flatlands of Cambridgeshire and


25.01.20 Sa. 08:45 09:45

The Simpsons The Simpsons The Old Man and the Key: Grandpa borrows Homers car to impress a new lady (Olympia Dukakis) at the Springfield Retirement Castle; but hes not the only resident whos interested in her. [A


25.01.20 Sa. 08:55 09:25

Food Unwrapped Food Unwrapped Jimmy explores new ways to get crabs to come out of their shell. Kate finds out how to get children to eat their greens. And Matt investigates how gummy sweets are made. (S6 Ep9/10)


25.01.20 Sa. 08:55 09:30

Something Special: We re All Friends Something Special: Were All... ...Friends. Vets. Educational series using Makaton sign language. Today, Justin takes his friends pet dog to see a vet. Meanwhile, Mr Tumble pretends to be a vet for hi


25.01.20 Sa. 09:00 09:20

Judge Judy This courtroom programme stars former family court judge Judy Sheindlin. Each episode finds Judge Judy presiding over real small-claims cases inside a televised courtroom. Her no-nonsense wisecracking


25.01.20 Sa. 09:00 09:30

Walker Texas Ranger Division Street. Walker and a friend help to organise a basketball tournament in an effort to help stop gang-related activities.


25.01.20 Sa. 09:00 10:00

Diagnosis Murder Trapped in Paradise. Steve and a tabloid reporter go undercover to find out who has been killing the residents of an idyllic community.


25.01.20 Sa. 09:00 10:00

Hart to Hart Hart and Sole. The CIA asks Jonathan to pretend to be an agent to uncover an information leak.


25.01.20 Sa. 09:00 10:00

Lovejoy Lovejoy Who Dares Sings: Ian McShane stars as the roguish antiques dealer. Lovejoy and Lady Jane get a commission to refurbish a restaurant belonging to one of Tinkers old army chums. S2 Ep5


25.01.20 Sa. 09:00 10:00
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