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Title Genre Date From To

Judge Judy A man says his landlord is responsible for a Valentines Day shooting a childs mother and grandfather fight over medical bills.


12.04.21 Mon 17:00 17:30

Unsolved Mysteries An army MPs death is ruled as suicide but it was an elaborate crime scene. Plus the case of missing Charlotte Polis.


12.04.21 Mon 17:00 18:00

The Fugitive Not With a Whimper. Kimble does not realise that his old mentor is mentally ill when he goes to visit him in the hospital.


12.04.21 Mon 17:00 18:00

Murder She Wrote Stage Struck. Two actor friends of Jessicas are due to appear in a revival of the play which launched their careers 30 years earlier but when one of them finds threatening notes on stage she stands do


12.04.21 Mon 17:00 18:00

Waffle the Wonder Dog Waffle the Wonder Dog PE Waffle. Evie forgets her reading book, so Waffle takes it to her at school. As Waffle reaches the playground, he sees Evies PE class and is desperate to join in. [S] [HD]


12.04.21 Mon 17:15 17:25

Flog It Flog It! Antiques series. Paul Martin presents from Southwell Minster in the town of Southwell, near Nottingham, with antiques experts Michael Baggott and Mark Stacey. [S] [HD]


12.04.21 Mon 17:15 18:00

OOglies Funsize OOglies Funsize Episode 6. Stop-motion animation. Fearless Pete Parsnip takes on some pasta bats, and star bar sets off on another trip to the moon. [S] [HD]


12.04.21 Mon 17:20 17:30

JoJo Gran Gran JoJo & Gran Gran Its Time for a Race. JoJo and Gran Gran have their own sports day, including an egg and spoon race. [S] [HD]


12.04.21 Mon 17:25 17:40

We Bare Bears We Bare Bears Rooms. The bears switch bedrooms for the night. [S] [HD]


12.04.21 Mon 17:30 17:45

The Simpsons The Simpsons Dont Fear the Roofer: When the perfect storm hits Springfield, the Simpsons roof springs a leak. Homer tries to fix it, but falls through the roof... (S16 Ep16/21) [AD,S]


12.04.21 Mon 17:30 18:00

Judge Judy A hairstylist accuses her former supervisor of running up the bill on a rental car a drunken teen driver totals his friends car.


12.04.21 Mon 17:30 18:00

Married at First Sight Australia Married at First Sight Australia As the vow renewal ceremonies begin, Tracey and Dean - and Patrick and Charlene - make life-changing decisions. (S5 Ep29)


12.04.21 Mon 17:30 19:00

Sarah Duck Sarah & Duck Mars as Moon. Animation for preschool children. Mars tries to fill in for a missing moon but needs a little coaching from Sarah and Duck. [S,AD] [HD]


12.04.21 Mon 17:40 17:45

Summer Camp Island Summer Camp Island Monster Babies. Alice lures Oscar and his monster friends for a tea party. [S] [HD]


12.04.21 Mon 17:45 18:00

Moon and Me Moon and Me Stories about Colly Wobble! Mr Onion reads everyone a book about how Colly Wobble likes to be very silly. [S] [HD]


12.04.21 Mon 17:45 18:10

Horror Highlights Take a look at all the latest movies and series coming your way on the Horror Channel this month.


12.04.21 Mon 17:50 18:00

The War in the Desert The War In The Desert In the summer of 1942, Rommels Afrika Corps swept across the Western Desert. This factual film portrays events leading up to and during the Battle of El Alamein.


12.04.21 Mon 17:50 19:05

The Secret Life of the Zoo The Secret Life of the Zoo Kendari the babirusa is pregnant, but otters Wallace and Annie keep throwing stones at her house. Next door, orangutan Willie struggles to impress females Sarikei and Leia.


12.04.21 Mon 17:55 18:55

Monster Carp Monster Carp Texas: Ali Hamidi, Tom Dove and Neil Spooner head to Texas where everything is big, including the mighty buffalo carp. The boys go on an epic quest in search of this amazing species. S2


12.04.21 Mon 17:55 19:00

Dragons: Riders of Berk Dragons: Riders of Berk In Dragons We Trust. Animation based on How to Train Your Dragon. After the dragons are blamed for an outbreak of crime, Hiccup is determined to find out what is really going


12.04.21 Mon 18:00 18:20
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