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Title Genre Date From To

Einmal Camping immer Camping D 2016 Einmal Camping, immer Camping Das Ruhrpott-Paar Ralle und Conny macht einen Ausflug nach Venedig. Ralle gibt den Reiseleiter und den Romantiker. In Florida ist Crystel begeistert von einer Tour durch


23.09.21 Th. 00:15 01:20

extra 3 D 2021


23.09.21 Th. 04:15 05:00

Neutrino: Hunting the Ghost Particle Neutrino: Hunting the Ghost... ...Particle. The astonishing tale of how scientists have battled against the odds to detect and decode the neutrino - the strangest, most elusive particle in the univer


23.09.21 Th. 02:30 03:30

Dempsey and Makepeace Dempsey and Makepeace Lucky Streak: After a robbery and a murder in a London casino, Dempsey and Makepeace become involved in the search for a girl who wears a rare antique necklace. S1 Ep3


23.09.21 Th. 07:50 08:50

Agatha Christies Poirot Agatha Christies Poirot Halloween Party: Novelist Ariadne Oliver calls in her old friend Poirot to investigate a drowning at a Halloween party. S12 Ep2


23.09.21 Th. 10:40 12:40

Hannahs Law Hannahs Law Hannah keeps the law in the wickedest city on Earth - Dodge City, Kansas, with the help of young Wyatt Earp, Doc Holliday and Stagecoach Mary. (2012)


23.09.21 Th. 11:55 13:45

Cadfael Cadfael The Virgin in the Ice: More monastic medieval mystery as Brother Cadfael investigates the rape, murder and encasement in ice of a nun. S2 Ep1


23.09.21 Th. 13:10 14:50

A Place in the Sun A Place in the Sun Football fans Catherine and Martin are fulfilling their dream of buying a holiday home in Lazio, Italy. Scarlette Douglas lines up five options for ?£275k. Will any hit the back o

house garden

23.09.21 Th. 15:00 16:00

Agatha Christies Poirot Agatha Christies Poirot The Clocks: Poirot arrives in Dover to help determine if Sheila Webb is responsible for a mans murder. Is there a connection to the discovery of a German mole within the Navy?


23.09.21 Th. 15:50 17:50

High Life New: Highlife Wedding bells are ringing for Kamille and Tomi. Its crunch time for Irene as she goes to the clinic for her egg extraction. Can Cuppy and Kiddwaya resolve the bad blood between them? (E


23.09.21 Th. 22:00 23:05

Law Order: Special Victims Unit: Wonderland Story Investigation into the suspected rape of a woman Benson helped earlier leads to a cybermogul the team bids farewell to Sgt. Munch.


23.09.21 Th. 11:00 12:00

Big Brother Following a live vote a houseguest is evicted and interviewed by host Julie Chen Moonves remaining houseguests compete to become the next head of household.


23.09.21 Th. 20:00 21:00

Seinfeld: Highlights of a Hundred Highlights of the funniest moments from the first 100 episodes including the characters botched relationships and catchphrases.


23.09.21 Th. 23:00 23:30

Seinfeld: The Good Samaritan Jerry tracks down a hit-and-run driver Melinda McGraw George skips town to escape an irate husband.


23.09.21 Th. 23:30 00:00

Rock Antenne Deluxe


23.09.21 Th. 00:00 01:00

Gartengeschichten D 2018 Gartengeschichten: Im Obstgarten Obst aus dem eigenen Garten schmeckt gut und ist gesund. Obstfreunde tun viel dafür. Beim Gärtnern geht es um den Schnitt, um Sorten und Wuchsformen. Die Gartengesc


23.09.21 Th. 10:15 11:00

In aller Freundschaft - Die jungen Ärzte D 2016 In aller Freundschaft - Die jungen Ärzte (70) Freundschaftsdienste. Nach einem Autounfall werden Paula Hartung und Sophie Schneider ins Klinikum eingeliefert. Während Sophie nur leicht verletzt ist,

science fiction serie

23.09.21 Th. 13:10 14:00

Wer weiss denn sowas D 2021

quiz & gameshow

23.09.21 Th. 13:15 14:00

Wer weiss denn sowas D Wer weiß denn sowas? Kai Pflaume. Superhirn Bernhard Hoëcker und Quizmaster Elton stellen sich gemeinsam mit prominenten Gästen den unglaublichen, amüsanten und überraschenden Fragen von Moderato

quiz & gameshow

23.09.21 Th. 14:15 15:00

Mein Haus am Strand USA 2018

reality soap

23.09.21 Th. 15:20 16:15
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