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Title Genre Date From To

Plan B Plan B Comédie dramatique, F 2020. Une mère de famille est dévastée lorsque sa fille se suicide. Animatrice de radio, elle tombe sur une auditrice qui lui tend un mystérieux papier.


17.05.21 Mon 21:05 22:10

MacGyver Die rote Faust.


17.05.21 Mon 21:55 22:50

Plan B Plan B Comédie dramatique, F 2020. Florence nen croit pas ses yeux. Elle est bien revenue au 13 août 2020 et Lou est vivante. Florence veut tout faire pour comprendre ce qui ne va pas avec sa fille.


17.05.21 Mon 22:10 23:20

Schitts Creek: The Cabin When Johnny and Moira use the mayors cabin for the night Alexis and David throw a party.


17.05.21 Mon 00:00 00:30

Castle: For Better or Worse When a surprise threatens to spoil Castle and Becketts wedding day they must set out on a wild mission filled with masked men and angry bikers.


17.05.21 Mon 01:00 02:00

Murdoch Mysteries: Shadows Are Falling Murdoch and Ogden put personal matters aside when Nate Desmond is charged with murder.


17.05.21 Mon 02:00 03:00

Raw Deal An escaped convict Dennis O Keefe flees with his moll Claire Trevor and a social worker Marsha Hunt he loves.


17.05.21 Mon 04:15 06:00

The Man in the Iron Mask Musketeer D Artagnan Louis Jourdan foils Louis XIVs Richard Chamberlain plot to keep his identical twin off the throne.

adventure movie

17.05.21 Mon 06:00 08:25

Evel Knievel Fact-based account of the famous stuntman from his early days to the near-fatal motorcycle jump at Caesars Palace.

biography movie

17.05.21 Mon 12:10 14:15

Law Order: Special Victims Unit: Abuse The detectives investigate the celebrity parents of a boy who killed himself by running into oncoming traffic.


17.05.21 Mon 20:00 21:00

Revolutionary Road In 1950s Connecticut two suburbanites Leonardo DiCaprio Kate Winslet become increasingly dissatisfied with their marriage and societys expectations of conformity.


17.05.21 Mon 20:00 22:55

Law Order: Special Victims Unit: Victims A cop-turned-activist Eric Roberts becomes a suspect in the killings of several rapists who were recently paroled.


17.05.21 Mon 21:00 22:00

Seinfeld: The Millennium Newman nixes Kramers millennium-party plans Jerry obsesses about his position on his girlfriends speed dial.


17.05.21 Mon 23:00 23:30

News 4 NY at 11 Local and regional news.

news info

17.05.21 Mon 23:00 23:34

Seinfeld: The Chinese Restaurant Jerry and his friends have difficulty getting a table at a crowded Chinese restaurant.


17.05.21 Mon 23:30 00:00

Batwoman Batwoman Brand new series - Gore on Canvas: Batwoman is approached by Commander Kane and Agent Moore to steal an infamous work of art that reveals the way to Coryana - and Kate. (S2 Ep5)


17.05.21 Mon 03:35 04:25

The Red Pony The Red Pony (1949) Drama. Peter Miles plays a lonely farm boy who takes refuge from his squabbling parents in his love for a beautiful red foal. Based on John Steinbecks stories. With Robert Mitchum


17.05.21 Mon 13:15 15:00

A Place to Call Home A Place to Call Home 4/10. Australian period drama. Jack has a theory about who was responsible for the accident which has put Henrys career in doubt, and George enlists Roys help. [S] [HD]


17.05.21 Mon 14:15 15:00

Texas Lady Texas Lady (1955) Claudette Colbert plays the new newspaper proprietor in a tough Texan town whose crusade against crooked cattle barons makes her a vulnerable target. [S]


17.05.21 Mon 15:00 16:45

The Professionals The Professionals Purging of CI5: The unit is hit by bombings and assassinations as part of a vendetta campaign. Bodie and Doyle must find the perpetrators before they end up as the next victims. S3


17.05.21 Mon 15:40 16:50
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