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Title Genre Date From To

Die Carolin Kebekus Show D 2021 Die Carolin Kebekus Show (8/8) In dieser Folge der Carolin Kebekus Show geht es um Sexismus in der Musikindustrie. Carolin Kebekus zeigt, dass Musikerinnen seltener in den Charts sind, im Schnitt wen


18.09.21 Sat 00:45 01:30

NDR Talk Show 2021 NDR Talk Show Hubertus Meyer-Burckhardt und Jörg Pilawa. Hubertus Meyer-Burckhardt und Jörg Pilawa begrüßen in der NDR Talk Show aus Hamburg folgende Gäste:|* Sophia Kimmig, Wildbiologin und Fuch

aktuelles thema

18.09.21 Sat 00:45 02:45

Orchester Detektive D 2020 Orchester-Detektive Die Akte Dvorák. Zu seiner Sinfonie Aus der Neuen Welt ließ sich Antonin Dvoøák durch einen dreijährigen Amerika-Aufenthalt inspirieren. Woran man das hören kann, verrät Orc

kinder j. sonstiges

18.09.21 Sat 06:15 07:00

Kuechenparty mit Martina und Moritz D 2021 Küchenparty mit Martina und Moritz Lieblingsgerichte mit Fleisch. Heute haben Martina und Moritz wieder Gäste in ihre Küche eingeladen, die Sie bestimmt alle aus den unterschiedlichen Sendungen ken

essen trinken

18.09.21 Sat 16:20 17:20

Ein Schloss am Woerthersee Eine goldene Nase Hoher Besuch am Woerthersee. Der Generaldirektor der Global Reisen Dr Kiefer (Klausjuergen Wussow).


18.09.21 Sat 23:15 00:15

Maggie A devoted father stays by his daughters side as she becomes infected by an outbreak of a disease that slowly turns her into a cannibalistic zombie.


18.09.21 Sat 00:30 02:25

Top of the Pops TOTP: 1991 Nicky Campbell presents the pop chart programme, first broadcast on 8 August 1991 and featuring Blur, The Shamen and Beverley Craven. [S]


18.09.21 Sat 00:45 01:15

Top of the Pops TOTP: 1991 Gary Davies presents the pop chart programme, first broadcast on 15 August 1991 and featuring Level 42, Bryan Adams and Right Said Fred. [S]


18.09.21 Sat 01:15 01:45

One-Hit Wonders at the BBC One-Hit Wonders at the BBC Compilation of hits by artists virtually unheard of again, including Peter Sarstedt, Trio, Phyllis Nelson and The New Radicals, which explores the one-hit wonder phenomenon


18.09.21 Sat 01:45 02:45

Serengeti Serengeti II 4/6. As tensions rise, its a dangerous time to be born. Old enemies cause trouble for the lions and baboons, while the hyenas make life hard for the jackals and the leopard cubs. [S,AD]


18.09.21 Sat 11:00 12:00

Nigel Slaters Middle East Nigel Slaters Middle East: Turkey Nigel Slater visits Turkey, home to one of the worlds grandest cuisines. Nigel discovers a vast and varied landscape, rich with tradition and local flavour. [S,AD] [


18.09.21 Sat 12:00 13:00

22 Jump Street Two police officers begin to question their partnership after each infiltrates different cliques while under cover at a local college.


18.09.21 Sat 22:35 00:45

The Late Late Show With James Corden: Hugh Grant Mike Colter Tomorrow X Together Actor Hugh Grant actor Mike Colter Tomorrow X Together performs.

aktuelles thema

18.09.21 Sat 00:37 01:37

Live with Kelly and Ryan: Lives Dinner on a Dime Week Ray Liotta lifestyle expert Danny Seo.

aktuelles thema

18.09.21 Sat 01:06 02:05

The Gun That Won the West Superior Springfield rifles help scouts Dennis Morgan Richard Denning and the cavalry get forts built in Wyoming.


18.09.21 Sat 04:20 06:00

Rustlers Valley Hopalong Cassidy William Boyd clears Lucky on a charge of bank robbery and foils a crooked lawyers plot to rustle a herd of pedigree cattle.


18.09.21 Sat 06:30 08:00

Leave It to Blondie Dagwood Arthur Lake fights a cold and enters a songwriting contest with Blondie Penny Singleton after the couple accidentally give more money to charity than they can afford.


18.09.21 Sat 09:30 11:15

No Mercy A Chicago detective Richard Gere flees through a bayou handcuffed to the Cajun mistress Kim Basinger of a ponytailed crime lord Jeroen Krabbé .


18.09.21 Sat 15:20 17:40

Murder Inc. A singer Stuart Whitman and a dancer May Britt become pawns of 1930s Brooklyn gangster Louis Lepke Buchalter.


18.09.21 Sat 17:40 20:00

Little Caesar An aspiring small-town criminal relocates to Chicago to hit the big time accompanied by his buddy but once there they find their paths taking them in drastically different directions.


18.09.21 Sat 20:00 21:40
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