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Titel Genre Datum Von Bis

Criminal Intent - Verbrechen im Visier USA 2010 Criminal Intent - Verbrechen im Visier Folge: 16 Staffel: 9 Blutengel Krimi-Serie Nach Ideen von Dick Wolf, USA 2010. Die Major Case Squad ist eine Spezialabteilung der New Yorker Polizei. Zu den Ermi

science fiction serie

26.05.19 So. 02:55 03:55

To Be Announced

special special

26.05.19 So. 13:00 15:30

The Dark Knight Rises Ocho años después de asumir la culpa por la muerte de Harvey Dent y desaparecer en la noche Batman debe salir del exilio autoimpuesto por una ladrona astuta y un terrorista despiadado llamado Bane.


26.05.19 So. 15:00 18:00

Major Crimes: Trial by Fire A gang banger is acquitted of murder and released from custody Jack Raydor represents a suspect Rusty takes a chance when his crush visits the station.


26.05.19 So. 16:00 17:00

Sabrina the Teenage Witch: Oh What a Tangled Spell She Weaves Sabrina casts nonspecific spells with drastic results and accidentally sends her aunts and Salem to Merlins castle.


26.05.19 So. 17:00 17:30

Sabrina the Teenage Witch: Sabrina Claus Sabrina Melissa Joan Hart and Salem fill in for an injured Santa Claus guest star John Ratzenberger on Christmas Eve. Johnny Mathis also guest stars.


26.05.19 So. 17:30 18:00

National Memorial Day Concert Joe Mantegna and Mary McCormack co-host the 30th anniversary broadcast of the annual concert honoring the men and women of the U.S. armed forces live from the U.S. Capitols West Lawn performers incl

special event music entertainment special

26.05.19 So. 20:00 21:30

All Elite Wrestling All Elite Wrestling: Buy-In Wrestling action from Las Vegas, including a Casino Royale match featuring 21 wrestlers, and the UKs Kip Sabian going up against Sammy Guevara. Ep1


26.05.19 So. 00:00 01:05

Japan: Earths Enchanted Islands Japan: Earths Enchanted Islands 1/3. Documentary series. Japans central island of Honshu is home to over 100 million people, but it has a wild heart and an astonishing range of wildlife lives there.


26.05.19 So. 01:30 02:30

The Looming Tower The Looming Tower 5/10. December 1999. Ali Soufan breaks stake-out rules over an al-Qaeda money man in Brooklyn, and the CIA believes it has a handle on US-bound terrorists. Contains very strong lang


26.05.19 So. 02:25 03:10

Marvels Avengers: Ultron Revolution Marvels Avengers: Ultron Revolution Civil War Part 3: The Drums of War: Animated series based on the Marvel Comics superhero team. The two teams of heroes join forces against a larger enemy. [AD,S,HD


26.05.19 So. 07:30 07:55

Marvels Avengers: Ultron Revolution Marvels Avengers: Ultron... ...Revolution. Civil War Part 3: The Drums of War: Animated series based on the Marvel Comics superhero team. The two teams of heroes join forces against a larger enemy. S


26.05.19 So. 07:30 07:55

Britains Got Talent Britains Got Talent As the auditions for the 13th series of Britains Got Talent draw to a close, we see the remaining few acts take to the stage. Who has what it takes to be the next BGT star? [S,HD]


26.05.19 So. 12:35 13:55

Songs of Praise Songs of Praise Aled Jones hosts the senior semi-final of the Songs of Praise Young Choir of the Year competition from Victoria Hall in Bolton, with judges Russell Watson, Carrie Grant and JB Gill. [


26.05.19 So. 13:15 13:55

The Simpsons The Simpsons Lisa vs. Malibu Stacey: Lisa decides Malibu Stacey dolls set a bad example to girls, so she pleads with their creator, Stacy Lovell (guest star Kathleen Turner), to design another. [AD,S


26.05.19 So. 14:00 14:30

The Simpsons The Simpsons Deep Space Homer: Homer and Barney are recruited by Nasa to make it more appealing to the man in the street. And when Barney falls off the wagon, Homer is chosen to go into space. [AD,S]


26.05.19 So. 14:30 15:00

The Simpsons The Simpsons Homer Loves Flanders: Homer realises that he likes Flanders and starts to hang around with him all the time. Unfortunately, Flanders realises that hes not so keen on Homer... [AD,S]


26.05.19 So. 15:00 15:30

Escape to the Country Escape to the Country 23/70. Margherita Taylor is on a house-hunting mission with an intrepid house buyer who has a ?£340,000 budget and is keen to make the lifestyle leap to the Devon/Dorset border

house garden

26.05.19 So. 16:05 16:50

Sinbad and the War of the Furies A contemporary incarnation of the legendary hero stirs up a hornets nest when he inadvertently unleashes three beautiful but deadly ancient beings.


26.05.19 So. 16:45 18:35

The Repair Shop The Repair Shop The team takes on a dilapidated old go-kart, a treasured handmade piece of leatherwork, and a charming cat figurine that sparked a collectibles movement. [S] [HD]


26.05.19 So. 16:50 17:35
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