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Titel Genre Datum Von Bis

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Brooklyn Nine-Nine The Therapist: Boyle brings Peralta into a case when a psychiatrist reports one of his patients missing. Captain Holt wants to meet Diazs new girlfriend. (S6 Ep11/18)


21.09.19 Sa. 14:30 15:00

Stephen Kings The Stand The Dreams. When a government created super-flu decimates the population an epic fight between good and evil begins.


21.09.19 Sa. 14:55 16:45

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Brooklyn Nine-Nine Casecation: Peralta and Santiago celebrate their wedding anniversary while standing guard over a comatose drugs baron who was shot and rushed into hospital. (S6 Ep12/18)


21.09.19 Sa. 15:00 15:30

Madagascar Madagascar (2005) Family animated adventure. After escaping from New Yorks Central Park Zoo, four pampered animals must learn to fend for themselves when they get stranded in the wilds of Madagascar.


21.09.19 Sa. 15:10 16:55

Stephen Kings The Stand The Betrayal. When a government created super-flu decimates the population an epic fight between good and evil begins.


21.09.19 Sa. 16:45 18:30

James Mays Cars of the People Cars of the People 1/3. James May reveals the cars that turned postwar Germany and Japan into motoring powerhouses at the expense of Britain and the US. He also has an encounter with an Austin Allegr


21.09.19 Sa. 17:00 18:00

Desert Legion Walking With The Enemy During the final months of WW2, a young man sets out to find his family by stealing a Nazi uniform and posing as a German officer. Gripping war action starring Jonas Armstrong


21.09.19 Sa. 17:00 18:50

The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers The Lord of the Rings: The Two... ...Towers. Fantasy sequel starring Elijah Wood and Ian McKellen, 2002. Frodo and Sam continue on to Mordor after the Fellowship is destroyed, but a strange creature


21.09.19 Sa. 17:25 21:00

Extreme Cake Makers Extreme Cake Makers Phil and Christine hope to scale new heights with a five foot long lemon and elderflower cake designed to look like a leaping fish. And Eloise has been asked to bake a gender-reve


21.09.19 Sa. 18:15 18:35

Pokémon the Series: Sun Moon: Ultra Legends Pokemon Sun and Moon:... ... - Ultra Legends. A Grand Debut!: The adventures of Ash, Pikachu and friends. Can Ash pass Hapus Grand Trial on Poni Island? S22 Ep17


21.09.19 Sa. 18:19 18:50

Stephen Kings The Stand The Stand. When a government created super-flu decimates the population an epic fight between good and evil begins.


21.09.19 Sa. 18:30 20:20

Warcraft Warcraft (2016) Fantasy adventure. The inhabitants of the planet Azeroth - a peaceable, magical world where humans co-exist with mythological beings - face invasion by a horde of Orcs. Violence.


21.09.19 Sa. 18:40 21:00

Dads Army Dads Army 1/13. Classic wartime sitcom. The pumping station is hit during an air raid with Godfrey and Walker inside, trapping them alongside a rapidly-leaking pipe. [S,AD]


21.09.19 Sa. 19:00 19:30

Murdoch Mysteries Dr Osler Regrets. Murdoch suspects that a sequential killer is behind a number of murders staged to look like suicides.


21.09.19 Sa. 20:00 21:00

The Hunt for Eagle One Maximum Risk A cop discovers that he had a twin who just got murdered in Nice, France. To find out what happened, he takes his place. Starring Jean-Claude Van Damme and Natasha Henstridge. (1996)


21.09.19 Sa. 21:00 22:50

Endeavour Endeavour Muse: The auction of a Faberge egg at an Oxford college coincides with a series of sadistic murders and Endeavour takes charge of a young apprentice. S5 Ep1/5


21.09.19 Sa. 21:00 23:00

Bad Neighbours Bad Neighbours (2014) Outrageous adult comedy with Seth Rogen, Rose Byrne and Zac Efron. A rowdy student fraternity moves in next door to a couple with a new baby. Very strong language/sex/nudity/dru


21.09.19 Sa. 22:00 00:00

24 Hours in A E 24 Hours in A&E This episode explores how life can change in the blink of an eye and how life or death depends on the actions of those around you when things go wrong. (S5 Ep8/8)


21.09.19 Sa. 22:00 23:10

Detectorists Detectorists 4/6. Comedy series about two metal-detecting friends. Terry announces he is standing down as leader of the DMDC, unleashing a bitter winner-takes-all scramble for presidential power. [S,


21.09.19 Sa. 22:25 22:55

Sleepwalkers Horror master Stephen King presents a vision of vampires in picket fence America where the new kids in town are good looking enough to seduce the virtuous virgins but with an ailing mother they are th


21.09.19 Sa. 22:55 00:45
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